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02/26/2015 - Pre-Licensing Course Updates: AZ, NC, SC

Good news for Adjuster students in Arizona, North Carolina, and South Carolina—we now include videos in your courses! Our videos are one of the most essential components of our highly successful teaching methods, so we’re happy that our Adjuster students in those states are able to take advantage of the best that we have to offer. Happy studying!

02/24/2015 - Pre-Licensing Course Updates: OH

Ohio students now have access to our 3rd Edition Ohio Law book! New PDFs and law section exams have been loaded into students' online courses. Enjoy our must up-to-date materials as you prepare to ace your exam! 

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02/23/2015 - Continuing Education Update: VA

We're excited to announce that we now offer online Continuing Education courses in the "Mother of Presidents" state, Virginia! Check out our Available Courses page to learn more. 

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02/18/2015 - Employee of the Month: Gabby Williams

We're pleased to announce our first Employee of the Month: Gabby Williams! Gabby is an awesome employee with a great work ethic and positive attitude. We love having her around the office. Congrats, Gabby!

02/13/2015 - Love is in the air!

♥ Today our office celebrated Valentine’s Day by decorating boxes and giving out cards and candy! Chocolate, cupcakes, and cookies abound and everywhere you look there are hearts and smiles. We’re feeling the love, and we hope you are, too! ♥

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