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05/21/2015 - TesTeachers: Gold Level Sponsor for Junior Tucson Buckets!
TesTeachers is proud to become a Gold Level Sponsor for the junior Tucson Buckets, a basketball group for players in 3rd–9th grade in Tucson, Arizona! Thanks to the generosity of Suzy Rhoades (mother of two Tucson Buckets players and wife of Buckets coach, Coach B) and TesTeachers, the 7th–9th grade teams will be able to practice in an air-conditioned gymnasium over the summer. Nothin' but Net!  
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05/13/2015 - When To Schedule Your Exam?
For most states, TesTeachers recommends that you schedule your exam as soon as you start studying one of our courses. If you wait until after you complete the course, there may be a significant delay between course completion and the date of the exam. Our one goal is to help you pass your exam on the first attempt, so we want you to take the exam when the materials are still fresh in your mind! The only state that requires a student to complete the course before scheduling the exam is Maryland. But for all other states, go ahead and schedule your exam as soon as you start your course!
05/07/2015 - Pre-Licensing Course Update: TX
Howdy, Lone Star state! Our new Texas Limited Lines course is now available! Students who are currently enrolled in the Texas Limited Lines course now have access to the new and improved version free of charge. Happy studies! 
05/04/2015 - Virginia Scoring Change Effective May 1, 2015
As of May 1, 2015, candidates for Virginia's major and personal lines examinations will receive ONE overall score for the General and State portions, which were previously scored separately. This means you'll have one less number to worry about! Keep in mind that if you fail either part, you'll need to retake the entire test. Good luck on your exam!
04/22/2015 - Administrative Professionals' Day 2015
Happy Administrative Professionals' Day! Our office celebrated with awesome pizza, chicken wings, and salad. We're happy to reward our hardworking Student Specialists with some well-deserved time to relax and eat together. Our Student Specialists are such an important part of our team, and days like today recognize their valuable contributions to our success! 

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