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07/01/2015 - TesTeachers Volunteering: Junior Achievement
For the last couple of weeks, teams from TesTeachers have been volunteering to help out a stellar organization called Junior Achievement. We helped organize handouts and double checked packages to make sure that volunteer teachers have everything they need to provide lessons to their students on important topics like budgeting and career paths. Junior Achievement inspires and prepares young people to succeed in a global economy, and we are so pleased to support that mission. Check out Junior Achievement's website to learn more about the organization and volunteering possibilities!
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06/24/2015 - TesTeachers Team Building: Creative Team
The Creative Team conquered the OdySea Mirror and Laser Mazes today as part of a team building exercise! They navigated through a disorienting Rainforest-themed mirror maze and worked in pairs to hit buttons without setting off lasers in the Laser Maze Challenge. Now that's what we call A-MAZE-ING!
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06/23/2015 - TesTeachers Team Appreciation Event: Arena Football
Last Saturday, the TesTeachers team was invited to watch the Arizona Rattlers battle the Orlando Predators from comfort of the first-class Executive Suites. We feasted on hotdogs and chicken tenders and enjoyed the time together out of the office. The Rattlers dominated the Predators in an impressive victory of 55-25, in front of 11,673 screaming fans. Go Rattlers! 
06/19/2015 - TesTeachers Team Building: Content and Compliance Team
Last Thursday, the Content and Compliance team put on an entertaining and educational play (written and directed by Suzy Rhoades) called "Work, In Progress." It was well received by their coworkers, who watched the production while munching on popcorn and laughing uproariously at their antics. Afterwards, the cast celebrated at a juice bar called Kaleidoscope in downtown Scottsdale. What a fun way to build team spirit! 
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06/18/2015 - TesTeachers Team Building: HR and Finance Team
Our HR and Finance Team had a great time yesterday at the Sweet Basil Gourmetware and Cooking School's "Southwest Foods of Summer" cooking class! They rubbed shoulders and spices and got to know each other better while creating gorgeous works of art on a plate. Now that's a recipe for success!
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