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Series 7 - Q/A Knowledge Sessions

This course is designed to be utilized after studying and completing our Online HD Series 7 Video Lecture Course.  Our  Series 7 - Q/A Knowledge Sessions course includes over 11 1/2 hours of streaming and downloadable online lecture videos.  The lectures feature our instructor reading and explaining over 400 additional practice questions for the FINRA Series 7 General Securities Exam.  This course is designed to ensure you pass your exam on the first attempt!  

*Please note, this course only includes video lectures, there are no corresponding PDF's or practice exams in this course. The 400 additional practice questions will be displayed in the course videos.

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Click here for the vitals on the Series 7 Exam

  • Exam administration:

    The exam is multiple choice and is given on a computer

  • Exam fee:


  • Number of questions:

    250 questions - 2 parts, 125 for each part (plus 10 “pre-test” questions that will not affect the candidate’s score) / 360 minute time limit.

  • Time limit:

    360 minutes (the exam is broken into two parts, each part has a 3 hour time limit)

  • Passing score required:


  • Pre-requisites:


  • Sponsorship:

    You have to be sponsored by a broker/dealer to sit for the exam through FINRA (www.finra.org)

  • Exam registration form:

    Form U4

  • Exam locations:

    You can schedule your exam with either Prometric (www.prometric.com) or Pearson VUE (www.pearsonvue.com)

  • Exam dates:

    Computerized exams are given at Prometric and Pearson Vue Testing Centers Monday – Friday and select locations on Saturday and Sunday

Common Series 7 Exam Candidate Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Series 7 exam?

If you have come this far you should have a pretty good understanding of what you are in for. The Series 7 exam is probably the most well known securities exam to the general public. You have most likely heard of it before on the silver screen in such movies as Wall Street or Boiler Room. There is a good chance the Series 7 exam will be the most difficult exam you have or will ever take. The Series 7 exam is also known as the General Securities Registered Representative exam.

A person who holds a Series 7 license is usually referred to as a stockbroker. The Series 7 license is the broadest securities license you can attain and will allow you to sell most all types of securities. Depending on your state you may also be required to obtain a Series 63 license, and your firm may require you obtain a Series 66 license in place of the Series 63 license depending on the capacity in which you will work.


What content specifically does the Series 7 exam cover?

The Series 7 exam covers content such as corporate securities (stocks and bonds), municipal securities and U.S. government securities, options, direct participation programs, investment company products, variable contracts and federal securities laws.

Do I need a sponsor for my Series 7 exam?

Yes, you will need to be sponsored by your employing broker/dealer to take this exam. If you do not have a sponsor you will be unable to take this exam. Generally, sponsorship relates to employment with a broker/dealer firm. We can not sponsor you to take this exam. We also cannot refer you to any specific firm as we provide training for many of the nations largest securities firms.

How do I schedule my Series 7 exam?

Usually your sponsoring broker/dealer firm will help you fill out and submit the necessary paperwork and fees to FINRA to open your window to take the Series 7 exam.

What should I bring to the test center the day of my Series 7 exam?

You should bring your Chapter Review, One-Liners, and Key Facts from the Review Pack in our Series 7 exam prep course to re-read just prior to going in to take your Series 7 exam. This will load your memory for the test. You cannot take anything into the test room with you other than what the proctor provides you. You will be able to leave your personal belongings in a locker in the testing center waiting room. They will provide you with a pen/pencil, scratch paper, and a basic function calculator at the test site. Make sure to write down your cheat sheet on your scratch paper when you sit down at your cubicle prior to starting your Series 7 exam. This will allow you to refer back to it whenever you need to during the exam.

If I don't pass is there any waiting period that applies before I can retake the Series 7 exam?

The following waiting periods apply for individuals needing to retake the Series 7 exam following a failed attempt: (1) a minimum of 30 days after failing the first exam before the second taking of the exam can be scheduled; (2) a minimum of 30 days after failing the exam for the second time before the third taking of the exam can be scheduled; and (3) a minimum of 180 days after failing the exam for a third time before the fourth taking of the exam (and each subsequent taking) can be scheduled. Each time a candidate retakes the exam another testing fee is required.


What do the questions on the Series 7 exam look like?

Here are two Series 7 exam questions that come from our materials that are very similar to the formatting and content of the questions on the exam:

1. Which of the following generally does not fall within a municipal securities dealer's authority?

A. Asking for bid

B. Asking for offers

C. Committing for primary underwriting

D. Scheduling settlement dates


2. A client writes an April 50 put for 6 in December and is exercised on April 7. If 8 weeks later the client sells the same stock for $52 a share, the client would have made which of the following?

A. An $800 capital loss

B. An $800 capital gain

C. A $200 capital loss

D. A $200 capital gain


Answers and explanations to these questions found in our comprehensive Series 7 exam prep online and print materials are as follows:

1. Answer - D Explanation:

Municipal securities dealers engage in the business of underwriting, trading and selling securities. Industry regulations schedule the settlement for secondary trades, not municipal dealers. For example, U.S. government settles the next business day; regular- way settlement for corporate and municipal bonds is three business days.

2. Answer -B Explanation:

In order to determine capital gain or loss, it is very important to know what the customer's basis is. Since the customer in this question was exercised at 50, that means that the customer must buy the stock for $50 a share or $5,000. But since the customer received a premium of $6 a share or $600, he really only paid $4,400 ($5,000 minus $600). He sold the stock for 52 or $5,200, thus, his gain is the difference between the $4,400 and $5,200 for a total of $800 capital gain.




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