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View online or download to view offline. Our study manuals are written to follow the examination outlines to ensure everything that you need to know is covered. No more, no less.
Put your knowledge to the test! Each section is followed with an interactive online exam that can be launched in learning or certification mode. Additionally, each exam question includes a detailed text explanation. Most of our course content also includes audio explanations as well.
You will have no excuse not to study. Our courses are optimized for usage on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones. Additionally, most of our course content can be downloaded for study offline.
6,503 Success Stories and Counting! See our most recent below:
  • Course: AZ Life Insurance

    I scored 91%!! Wahoo!! Your materials were excellent and definitely prepared me. I found Scott's videos educational and entertaining (" air balloon accident, hit electrical wires, everyone was fried.")!
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    Zachary - Arizona

    Course: 32 Hour California Life Course

    This is a belated thank-you for the service provided at TesTeachers! I passed the exam at the first attempt and surprisingly got a 92%. I only spent half of the allotted time on the exam, and didn't even go back to check the "marked" ones. This is a miracle for someone like me who didn't have any prior knowledge of life insurance. I was a college foreign language professor in the US for 14 years, a missionary to China for 4 years, and have been doing translation and interpretation for more than a dozen years. As one can tell, I didn't have any business-related experiences! However, my current job at Rose Hills in Los Angeles, the world's biggest memorial park, as a pre-planning advisor (which I love, as it integrates all my former professional experiences in serving people in the community, to educate people, to respect, honor, and serve people) requires me to take the life-only exam in order to serve families in a bigger capacity. If I could pass it, anyone who wants to be in the industry and study along with the materials should pass. The following are some appreciation as well as study tips. 1) I'd like to thank my account manager at TesTeachers, Chris Taege, who contacted me when I first registered the course at the end of July. He informed me the corporate discount that my employer has with TesTeachers. Then, after I studied for a month (downloaded all the video clips and typed all my notes in the pdf files using professional version of Adobe Acrobat), my car was broke into and someone stole my laptop along with other valuable things. Without backing up the files, or getting any update from the police, I had to print off everything and study again. I felt the pressure when there was only 8 days left of the 60-day access to the online course. So, I emailed Chris, who kindly extended my access period given the situation. Even though I made it by taking the exam 1 day before the original course access deadline, and didn't get to use the extension, his kindness in granting that grace period actually removed all the potential anxiety that I may have if I may not have access to the course materials, and gave me a peace of mind without abusing the grace. 2) The course instructor, Gary, is very clear and thorough in explaining concepts and providing examples. This is extremely helpful for someone like me who nearly knew nothing about it before. 3) The Key facts and the 5 practice exams (1 3-section exam, 1 final exam, and 3 cram exams) are extremely helpful! Make sure you do all of them!!! It helped me to convert the length paragraphs into some highlighted knowledge, and prepares me for the type of questions that may be occurring in the real exam. To be honest, when I did the practice exams, the highest points I got were 83-84, some were even open book. But the error analysis provided helped me to understand why I made a certain mistake. I think that was crucial in helping me to exceed my usual performance during the real exam. I have a suggestion for the online material development team to consider: I think if you could make the glossary & key facts at the beginning of the course, instead towards the end, it would be even more helpful, esp. for people like me who doesn't have any prior knowledge of the Life Insurance industry. The reason why this appreciation testimony came in so late was that, upon passing the exam on 09/26, I was engaged in more intensive training on funeral package pre-planning, and my opportunities in serving more families in more areas have increased. I will certainly recommend my other colleagues to study with TesTeachers if they want to get life insurance license!
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    - California

Your Success is our Success!

Your Success is our Success!
When you sign up for a course with TesTeachers, you are joining our team. As part of our team, you will have access to our support team seven days a week by email and phone. Additionally, you will have access to our instructor team by email Monday through Friday. Need help, please call us. We will do everything we can to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Available Courses

    • Series 6

      22 hours of video, PDF study manual & 781 exam questions for $125 60 days access!
    • Series 65

      16 hours of video PDF study manual & 1477 exam questions for $125 60 days access!
    • Series 63

      3+ hours of video, PDF study manual & 515 exam questions for $49 60 days access!
    • Series 7

      15 hours of video PDF study manual & 1500 exam questions for $149 60 days access!
    • Series 66

      This is it! This is the course everyone in the industry has been talking about.
    • Series 26

      16 hours of video, PDF study manual & 707 exam questions for $149 60 days access!
    • Life and Health

      Passed my L&H exam on the first try with only 5 days of training! -Kevin
    • Property and Casualty

      Passed on my first attempt! I am happy that I studied with TesTeachers! –Samantha
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